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Introducing TrainPriceTracker – an innovative tool providing Eurostar travellers with invaluable price insights and control over their booking experience.

In a nutshell

TrainPriceTracker is the first website to visualise Eurostar price fluctuations and to alert travellers when the price drops.

TrainPriceTracker revolutionises the approach to train ticket purchasing by offering a detailed analysis of price fluctuations specific to your journey and travel day. A dynamic price categorisation allows you to quickly see if the current ticket price is low, typical, or high, enabling you to make a better informed purchase. Price currently too high? No problem, set your maximum price and we will notify you when the price drops!

Our vision

TrainPriceTracker was created to promote passenger rail transportation in Europe. With strong competition from airline companies, and a lack of tools to provide transparency on fares, many passengers still opt for flying, even on the shorter distances within Europe.

Starting with Eurostar, TrainPriceTracker is providing better price transparency for travellers and showing that rail transportation is an effective competitor for air transportation, even purely on price.

If you share this vision, and enjoy cheaper prices, feel free to talk about it with your friends, colleagues and family, and share it through your preferred channels.

How does it work

“Book early to get the best prices”

True, but not always. Similar to flight tickets, train prices fluctuate. It is an effective way for companies to make sure their planes and trains run at the highest possible occupancy.

To get the best price, you ideally would have to check prices frequently, but who has time for that?! This is where TrainPriceTracker comes in. Our platform keeps track of past prices, and enables you to visualise how the price has fluctuated in the last 30 days.

price fluctuation

This becomes especially powerful if you combine it with our price categorisation feature. Thanks to our historical data, we know if prices are typical, low or high, for a given destination and day of the week. You can quickly see if your price is a good deal or not.

price indicator

Make sure you also check our seat availability feature. When the available seats drop below 10, you have to act quick! When they run out, the price typically goes up.

seat availability

Based on the above, the €120 ticket is a good deal today. However, for those of you who had a price tracker in place, you would have been notified 7 days ago of a drop to €65!

Are your dates flexible, and would you like to pay less? Check out the calendar feature, which we custom-built so you can spot the best days to travel in a glance. Colour coding helps you spot the cheapest dates, and by hovering over a day, you can see if the price has recently gone up or down.

price calendar